Monday, November 5, 2012

4 days of Shopping - results :)

După 4 zile petrecute ȋn Germania şi multe ore de “alergat” prin magazine vă prezint  ultimele achiziţii şi cadouri primite :)
Care este preferatul vostru?

After four days here in Germany and many hours spent in different stores I leave you with my recent acquisitions and some presents I received this days.
Which item is your favorite one?

Clockhouse Tshirt – Back and front message

2. New Yorker  skirt  - I love skirts with pockets :)

3. Takko Jeans – Bootcut - for my high heel ankle boots

Green Neon Belt and Mustache Belt – Clockhouse by C&A 

5.       Clockhouse Sweater by C&A

6.       Cecil Tube Scarves - online store here

7.       Takko Bracelet + Wings and Leaf Ring – by local store (Tedi)

8.       Takko Scarf – Dots and little hearts :) - for a Parisian look

 (not-so) High heel Lace-up Boots – by another local store (NKD)

Takko black pants

Knee High Belted Boots – also from NKD (local store)

 Kisses, L.


  1. <3 vecinei tale ii place :D

    1. In primul rand "multumesc!" :)
      In al doilea rand: Coco, tu esti? :)


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